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Welcome to the website of De Tjongerschans

Welcome to the website of De Tjongerschans ‘world-wide’.
On our web-site we offer you the latest information on our hospital. You can choose the time, the place and the subject on which you want to be informed. The page is available 24 hours a day. We hope the page will be considered user-friendly and that you can find what you are looking for.

What to do if you don’t speak Dutch
The department you are staying in can ask for an interpreter for you from the Tolkencentrum (Interpreters’ Center). Their interpreters are sworn to secrecy, and no fee has to be paid for their services. The interpreter can talk to you and the nurse or doctor by telephone. A telephone with a loudspeaker will be used for that purpose. It is also possible to get an interpreter to be present during discussions at the hospital. Requests for this service have to be made some time in advance. Your family is also allowed to be present during discussions. We would advise you to make use of an interpreter of the Tolkencentrum, as family and/or friends are often so worried by your illness that it can make it hard for them to clearly express their thoughts.

General information about the hospital

General piece about the hospital De Tjongerschans is a medium-sized hospital. It is large enough to house practically all specialisms. At the same time it is small enough to tend to the individual needs of the patients. In doing so the staff members of De Tjongerschans are the key to the success of the organisation.

What to bring with you when you are admitted to the hospital.
Insurance documents and proof of identity (e.g. a passport or driving license). Toilet requisites and (night)clothes. The medication you are currently using, in the original packaging. De Tjongerschans will provide you with medication. You are only allowed to use your own medication after consulting with the doctor in attendance. There is no need to bring any towels or bed linen with you. We would urge you to leave all valuables at home. The hospital cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of your property.

Men and women sharing the same room
De Tjongerschans intends to make optimal use of all available beds, and as a result multiple occupancy wards often accommodate both men and women. If you have serious problems with this, we can try and find a different solution. The washing and changing of clothes always takes place in the privacy afforded by closed curtains.

Car Park
Alongside the hospital De Tjongerschans has a large car park at its disposition. When admitted or discharged or when just visiting the hospital you can make use of it. From Monday up to and including Saturday you have to pay for parking from 08.00am to 18.00pm. The parking rates are displayed on the ticket machines.

General visiting times
Daily from 14.30pm to 20.00pm. On Sundays and holydays also from 10.30am to 11.15am. Some departments have differing visiting times. Visitors are requested to take the hours at which meals are served into consideration. There is a possibility of diverging from regular visiting times in consultation with the nurse.

Number of visitors
Preferably not more than two visitors at a time.

Visiting the polyclinic
What to bring with you? When first visiting the polyclinic you have to bring with you a doctor’s referral and valid insurance documents. On your first visit to the polyclinic report to the Afsprakenbureau (Appointment Office) in the lobby of the hospital at the entrance at the Thialfweg. Here the particulars of your punched card will be checked out, or, if you do not have one yet, a punched card will be made for you.


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